aivancity School for Technology Business and Society Seeking Education Agent Partnerships

aivancity School for Technology Business and Society Seeking Education Agent Partnerships

Discover the aivancity programs offer for technology business and society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the keys to success for any company that wishes to improve the whole of its business processes, from production to customer relations, in all activity sectors. AI solutions implementation also aims to meet several challenges of tomorrow’s society, going far beyond the mere digitization of the economy: health, education, mobility, housing, security, energy… all sectors are, or will be, impacted.


As a place for initial training (with post-baccalaureate to Bac +8 programs), a place for exchange and meetings between the academic and socio-economic worlds, aivancity is also a place for professional training.

This continuing education offer is broad and extensive: it concerns engineers keen on understanding AI and data science developments, and less technical profiles, so long as they are aware of the importance of the field for their professional development.

Accordingly, to the triptych of our programs’ DNA (AI, Management, Ethics) corresponds another triptych, made up of the three poles, initial training, place of exchanges and continuing education: let me invite you to discover them in this brochure.

aivancity has taken the form of a mission-driven company and has become the first higher education institution in France to adopt this status. This is what aivancity, school for technology, business and society, places at the heart of its statutes: commitments to employability, diversity, responsibility, territorial anchoring and openness to the city. The values it upholds are also the missions it sets for itself. These define the school’s very essence, and will be monitored by an external body. 

Aivancity Programs

Aivancity Faculty

A Faculty that perfectly illustrates aivancity’s positions on behalf of hybridization and excellence

50% Of our Faculty is composed of working executives

Our faculty is composed half of academic profiles and half of professionals. The faculty as a whole is composed of 75% PhDs.

47% Of our Faculty have international profiles

A dozen nationalities make up the richness of our Faculty.

10 Our faculty has 10 areas of specialization- Machine learning, IoT, Deep Learning, Management, Strategy, Law, Ethics, Philosophy…


Education Agents


If you would like to learn more about partnerships with aivancity School for Technology Business and Society we would be delighted to discuss opportunities for us to work together.




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