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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The nation’s first public university is at the heart of what’s next, preparing a diverse student body to become creators, explorers, innovators and leaders in North Carolina and throughout the world.

Carolina’s nationally recognized, innovative teaching, campus-wide spirit of inquiry and dedication to public service continue the legacy that began in 1795 when the University first opened its doors to students.

In Chapel Hill, students develop a voice for critical thought and the courage to guide change. They connect to the future they’re already shaping. Carolina is committed to access for all, providing life-changing opportunities such as the Carolina Covenant, which promises a debt-free education to low-income students.

In its third century – an era of groundbreaking study and research – UNC-Chapel Hill is harnessing the very best of our fast-changing world. We’re proud to advance knowledge for this and each generation to come.

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General Information

The Visitors’ Center can provide information about historical tours, traveling to campus and parking.

Contacting Carolina

For general phone inquiries, call (919) 962-2211.

To reach a department by email, please check the search engine. To find a person’s email address, search the UNC-Chapel Hill Online Campus Directory. Campus directory assistance is also available by phone at (919) 962-2211.

For general inquiries, write to:
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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Four-digit campus box number
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-four-digit campus box number