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Partnerships With Canadian Higher Learning AcademyAt Canadian Higher Learning Academy, we want you to be successful.

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Canadian Higher Learning Academy has helped over 300 students in Ontario and throughout the world receive high school credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

With partnerships around the world, and a strong service centre located in Ontario, CHLA provides high quality online education for all of its students regardless of their location and time zone.

In 2018, Canada accepted 721,205 international students. The Government of Canada has opened opportunities for international students and new immigrants to study, work & settle in Canada. Now is the time to capitalize on this opportunity to market student enrolment.

What are international students? International students are students who currently do not hold Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence. International students range from any age and any location. International students have the advantage of achieving Canadian education from their home country, on a full-time or part-time basis. Why study online? There are many reasons to study online. Every student approaches school differently and learns at a different pace. CHLA was created with that in mind. Here are a variety of scenarios that we would consider for a student(s) who could benefit from studying online:

1. Students who want to receive international education recognition.

2. Students who plan on studying in Canada for any post-secondary schooling.

3. Students who plan on immigration and settling in Canada.

4. Students who plan on working in Canada.

5. Students who want a customized learning plan tailored to their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

6. Students who want a better understanding of their courses with a visually intuitive learning system.

7. Students who want personalized attention from one-on-one live classes with a real-life teacher.

8. Students who want the flexibility to learn from anywhere and at any time.

Affiliate School Program

CHLA has alliances with schools all over the world. If you are looking to work with us to facilitate our online program, please get in touch with us and a Business Development Officer in your area will schedule a meeting with you to go over the details.


Education Agents

If you would like to learn more about partnerships with Canadian Higher Learning Academy we would be delighted to discuss opportunities for us to work together.

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