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Canadian Technology College Seeking Education Agent Partnerships



Since it first opened its doors to students from all around the world, Canadian Technology College’s mission has been to train professionals in today’s demanding business environments through the use and integration of the state-of-the-art in computer hardware and software technology combined with the knowledge and expertise of our skilled instructors. We believe primarily the knowledge and the skills of employees determine any company’s success.

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CTC offers training in a wide variety of highly demanded careers, which are essential in any business environment. Training courses at Canadian Technology College are designed to give students not only greater breadth of knowledge and depth in a particular field, but also more self-confidence through testing themselves in a variety of new areas. Most likely, students will discover some special strengths and previous hidden talents.


International Students

Please complete our registration form and follow these steps to complete the admission process.

Domestic Students

Registration can be done online or at in-person at our Toronto office. We are open five days a week from Monday to Friday. Our hours of work are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you require further assistant, please e-mail or call us at 416-663-0665.


Introduce us to a colleague or friend who would benefit from Canadian Technology College quality training and you will be entered to win a FREE Computer!


At Canadian Technology College, we bring together an impressive group of professionals from diverse industries, backgrounds, and experiences. Throughout our courses, these individuals come to challenge and encourage each other- a critical factor in the participant driven learning process that is unique to CTC.

Strong Instructional Team Highly qualified and experienced instructors who facilitate, mentor, and coach you in a supportive learning environment. Theory and practice are well incorporated into every lesson.

I.T. Industry News We respond constantly to changing trends in technology and industry. We are proud of our in-depth knowledge of I.T. Industry requirements. CTC works closely with I.T. employers to determine the type of training skills our graduates need to be successful.

Employment Assistance Dedicated employment specialists are focused on helping you start your career. Employment counselors work with you from day one to prepare you for finding a job in the chosen field.

Proven Track Record of Success Hundreds of employers across Canada and the world hire CTC graduates every year.

Flexibility & Client-Orientation Flexible full-time/part-time day or evening classes make it possible to balance your education with your other responsibilities. Rolling admissions policy allows you to start any time of the year.

Easy Payment and Financial Assistance Plans Our financial advisors work with you to develop individual payment schemes and financial assistance plans.

Employment Insurance Training Provider CTC is a well-recognized EI training provider, having a vast experience working with students who are on unemployment. CTC assists these students in many ways. Our dedicated employment counselors work with our students from day one to prepare them for new careers and for finding a job in the chosen field.

International Students Welcome CTC offers world-class training in modern facilities, in a city of multicultural diversity. CTC offers all its international students visa letters of support to assist them in complying with Canada’s immigration regulations and policies.

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