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The use of education agents to recruit international students is becoming increasingly common around the world, to the point where agents are driving significant proportion of international enrolments to universities, colleges and schools worldwide.

Education agents operate extensively in all the key international student recruitment markets. They vary from very large global companies to small one or two person operations. They play a major role in recruiting students to universities, colleges and independent schools and are primary intermediaries for institutions and influencers of students’ decisions.

Education Agent Recruitment was introduced in 2016 to help universities, colleges and schools recruit education agents around the world. We have created a convenient, secure, cost-effective means of expanding the reach of universities, colleges and schools

We use a variety of digital marketing tools to help recruit agents including:

Currently we have over 25000 education agent subscribers in 181 different countries. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you recruit agents to your university, college or school click here or contact us below: