Mesoyios College Cyprus Seeking Agents

Mesoyios College Cyprus Seeking Agents

Mesoyios College (MC), founded in 1998, is one of the leading private colleges in Cyprus with experienced and supportive academic staff, professional administrative personnel, and high-quality facilities and premises in a convenient location close to shops and public transport.

Different types of programs are available to suit students’ ambitions. MC offers a range of academic degrees in Hospitality Studies, BSc in Computer Science, BA in Business Administration as well as vocational certificates and diplomas under its affiliated branch Mesoyios Business Academy (MBA). All programs are accredited by CyQAA, HRDAuth, LRN-UK, ISM, CNM-UK and other European and American Institutions and Accrediting Organizations.

Specializing in academic and vocational hospitality education, MC apart from its well-equipped auditoriums and amphitheatres, operates several simulation laboratories -unique in Cyprus- for restaurant, bar, housekeeping, front office and spa services training. Students participate in hands-on experience leading classes and obtain practical skills so as to pursue a prosperous career after their graduation. Mesoyios Neo-Hippocratic Academy, another prestigious component of Mesoyios College, offers a wide range of programs in Naturopathic and Non-pharmaceutical medicine such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Natural Nutrition, Massotherapy and Bio-resonance Therapies. The newest branch of Mesoyios College, the European Computer Competence Certificate system (ECCC), is the only system in Cyprus fully compliant with the European DigComp Framework, providing the full range of modern digital competence certificates.

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