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New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi

Film Academy in Abu Dhabi

In 2007, at the invitation of the Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage (ADACH) and its Director General, H.E. Mohamed Khalaf Al Mazrouei, the New York Film Academy opened a branch campus in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which offers the Academy’s unique hands-on approach to film and acting education.


Inspired by the vision of H.E. Mohamed Khalaf Al Mazrouei, now Chairman of the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee, to establish Abu Dhabi as a center for film and television in the Middle East, the school holds intensive hand-on one-year and short-term programs for Emirati and international students in filmmaking and acting for film.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi has made a massive commitment to developing the film and television industry in the region as well as promoting international culture and art. Students in the New York Film Academy- Abu Dhabi, will be thrilled to be a part of this burgeoning renaissance of film, art, and culture.

Abu Dhabi – Study in Contrasts
Abu Dhabi brings together old world charm and cosmopolitan sophistication in a clean and safe environment. It offers a distinctive blend of east and west. Abu Dhabi is proud of its ancient Bedouin culture and heritage and carries on the traditions of desert hospitality, welcoming newcomers with genuine warmth and friendliness.

International film lovers who first experienced the cinematic grandeur of Arabia through the majestic cinematography of films like Lawrence of Arabia will marvel at the emirate’s endless unspoiled beaches, the tranquillity of its desert, its rugged mountain scenery and its lush green oases. They may also be surprised to find at its center, a dynamic 21st century capital city.

Much of the Abu Dhabi emirate is made up of the Rub Al Khali (or Empty Quarter), a vast arid desert famous for its spectacular sand dunes. This is a different world from the Manhattan-like skyline of Abu Dhabi city. Then there is Al Ain, the garden city on the emirate’s border with Oman, the Liwa oasis set amidst towering red dunes and much more to inspire the filmmaker.

Abu Dhabi is the name of both the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the largest of the seven individual emirates that make up the country. The UAE was created as a federation and became a unified independent sovereign state in 1971. With some 10% of the world’s known oil reserves, Abu Dhabi ranks as the richest of the emirates and a global economic powerhouse in its own right.

The New York Film Academy’s one and two year conservatory programs and our short-term workshops have an open enrollment. Serious students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. No previous experience is required. However, all New York Film Academy programs are extremely intensive. Students who enroll should be prepared to live and breathe their work during the course of their studies. Given the nature of filmmaking and the necessity of working in crews, students must be willing to devote themselves not only to their own projects, but to their classmates’ projects as well.

As space is limited, we recommend early application to guarantee a place in the program of your choice. All courses are taught in English.

The following programs and workshops are currently offered at our Abu Dhabi campus
One Year Filmmaking
One Year Broadcast Journalism
One Year Acting for Film
8 Week Filmmaking
8 Week Acting for Film
4 Week Filmmaking
4 Week Acting for Film
6 Week Eveving Hi-Def Filmmaking

All programs are full-time, with classes or shooting organized nearly every day of the week. The schedules are rigorous, however, students will have the opportunity to explore the nearly infinite cultural offerings around town. The evening workshops meet three evenings a week from 7: 15PM – 9: 45PM in NYFA Abu Dhabi. Films are shot on the weekends. In addition, some classes may held on Saturdays.

In our Abu Dhabi campus, filmmaking students shoot their films on HD, RED Epic digital and Arriflex 535 35mm cameras depending on the program. Students in all filmmaking programs and workshops edit using digital editing software. The production equipment is comparable to that of the leading degree programs in the United States and around the world.

At the conclusion of all programs, a graduation ceremony and final presentation of student work is held. Final Films, Animation, Showcase Performances. Students retain digital master tapes of their film and video work to include in their portfolios.

The NYFA-Abu Dhabi is located between Muroor (4th) and Airport Road, off 15th Street, Next to Abu Dhabi TV and Sky News Arabia, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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