Authoring ePublishing – Online Program Academy of Digital Arts South Africa

Authoring ePublishing – Online Program Academy of Digital Arts South Africa

Authoring ePub

This course is intended for print designers desiring additional skills in editing ePUB files by accessing and tweaking the XHTML and CSS components of an ePUB file in order to have full control of the text flow, image display and general appearance of eBooks across a range of supported readers and mobile devices.

About the Course

This course focuses on how to finish an EPUB document created in Adobe InDesign. While the latest version of InDesign is a great tool for creating EPUB e-books, there are still some aspects of EPUB creation that cannot be done in InDesign. To fine-tune an EPUB and make it look and work exactly as needed, it is necessary to edit that EPUB using the text-editing software. This course covers the skills needed to create a well crafted and valid EPUB e-book.


  • Module 1: How to open, edit and validate an ePub
  • Module 2: Introduction to XML & XHTML
  • Module 3: Introduction to CSS
  • Module 4: More CSS
  • Module 5: More About XHTML
  • Module 6: A Closer look at the TOC.ncx Document
  • Module 7: A Closer Look at Content.opf
  • Module 8: Editing TOC.ncx and Content.opf
  • Module 9: Regular Expressions
  • Module 10: Common ePub Edits

WHAT Do WE Offer?

  • 10 interactive modules
  • 10O+ video lectures
  • Over 9 hours of content
  • Learn from PDF documents and quizzes
  • Build documents from start to completion


  • Print Publishers
  • Administrators
  • Educators
  • Advertisers & Marketers

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