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Educare College Australia Seeks Agent Partnerships

Educare College

Who is Educare College?

We are a fun, relaxed and approachable nationally recognised training organisation (RTO) that delivers innovative, high quality accredited training in 6 specialty areas – Aged Care, Child Care, Community Services, Disability, Financial Services and Foundation Skills Training

Why Study with Us?

Educare College is a provider of Nationally Recognised Qualifications and member of the Australian Council of Private Education and Training (ACPET). We take on a flexible and supportive learning approach and believe that with the right learning environment and an amazing trainer, we can bring the BEST out in every student!


Educare College was born in 2013 to service specific niche areas within Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, providing students with a training provider that delivers accredited training programs that is commensurate with each students’ requirements.

We strongly live by our motto – “A fresh approach to training”. We understand that every individual has different learning styles and employability skills, and so, we are highly dedicated to ensuring our students are provided with only the best training and guidance by industry experienced trainers to become equipped with the needed skills and knowledge to achieve their desired personal and professional outcomes.

Educare College is also a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET), the national industry association for private education and training providers. As an ACPET member, Educare College strictly adheres to ACPET’s Code of Ethics and has access to a superior range of professional development opportunities.


Our Mission

“We strive every day to become Australasian region’s premier quality private education establishment and the preferred Australian Vocational training provider.”

Our Objectives

“Educare College understands my needs”

We take great pride in providing our students a high-quality learning experience, employing a team of passionate and dedicated VET trainers who go the extra mile to support our students. In addition to student training needs, we offer an onsite student counsellor who can provide support across all areas. We are outcome-focused and provide career guidance to ensure our students undertake the most appropriate educational pathways to achieve their goals.

“A workplace that values team synergy”

Being a small organisation, we strongly believe in having positive synergy in the workplace. Not only does it promote a healthy working environment, but having shared values and goals enables us to achieve optimum internal and external productivity.

“We want to know you”

“Fun”, “Relaxed”, and “Approachable”. We are an organisation that makes you feel like family. We seek to build genuine, long-term relationships with each student, and we want you to know that you are our number one priority.

Key Focus Areas

1. Aged care

The ageing population is increasingly becoming a global concern with the older people outnumbering children and more people with extreme old age. As the demand for aged care increases, it is highly critical for aged care workers to possess the appropriate skills and knowledge to look after the needs of the elderly.

2. Childcare

Children are the future of the world. It is essential for childcare workers to have the skills and knowledge to effectively interact with and provide quality care to children during their critical formative years.

3. Community Services

Working in community services enables you to be a hero in people’s lives. Not only does it enable you to help build better lives for those in need, but also allows you to grow as a person.

4. Disability Services

Millions of Australians with disabilities rely on the quality services provided by support workers. You will be well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to empower and maximise those with disabilities to take control of their lives within the range of community settings and clients’ homes.

5. Financial Services

It is a necessity for every individual to have some basic financial knowledge. Having financial skills enables you to manage and understand others’ and your own financial situation to make the right decisions.

6. Foundation Skill Training

With ‘change’ being the only constant variable in the world, it is highly important to develop both hard and soft skills to survive and thrive in the fast-paced workplace setting and personal lives of the modern world.

Main Campus

Level 8
288 Edward Street
Brisbane City
Brisbane, QLD 4000