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Make a Choice That You Would Never Regret

Higher education is the realm students are seeking to touch these days. With so many options available in terms of courses, colleges and universities, which one is right for you? Which one to go for?

Stepping in a new country with inadequate prior knowledge and understanding of the objectives is scary. Trusting an institution with your career and hefty investments is intimidating. With so many queries and uncertainties within the self, only an authentic education solutions provider can put them to rest.

Why Choose Edulipse?

Go for a consultant with experience than an experience that later falls heavy on you.

Edulipse is not an agent. It’s a house of experiences garnered by Nan Samy during her pre and post-graduation days. It’s her personal experiences that truly connect with people seeking quality education and easy migration in Australia, Malaysia, UK, Europe & Canada. Her exposure to her circumstances has made her completely aware of the challenges confronted by international students and migrants as well as genuine solutions for the same.

Edulipse has student’s interest at heart. It is a one-stop-solution initiated with the need to bring in honest end-to-end consulting in order to help students bypass their difficulties and losses and fulfil their dreams avoiding wrong decision making and irrelevant delay. She ensures that the students get the best value in return of their every penny spent.

How We Can Help You

  • Right Career Advice

  • Course Counselling

  • University Application Process

  • Migration Assistance

  • Student Visa Application

  • Onboarding Services

  • Job Application Assistance

  • Accommodation Provision & Pastoral Care

Extended Solutions

  • Traineeship Pathway Program

  • Study in Europe

  • Study in Australia

  • Study in Malaysia



Nan Samy

Career Strategist


Level 1, 100 Havelock Street,
West Perth, WA 6005, Australia.

Tel: +61 8 6160 5924