HTIR Work-Study, USA

HTIR Work-Study, USA, Inc., is an American corporation founded by a U.S. Immigration Lawyer in 1994 whose mission has been to locate the few colleges and universities in the U.S. which allow off-campus paid internship employment for international Master Degree students during the day, while, at the same time, they are able to take their classes several evenings a week on campus. Employment can begin as early as the first semester.

Off-campus paid jobs, up to 40 hours a week, are available through these work study opportunities. Get PAID career experience working in companies while studying for your higher educational degree!

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Part time on-campus jobs, 20 hours a week are available at most schools.

Let us find you an affordable school with employment options.

Benefits are:

(1) Substantial American wage income to help pay for tuition and living expenses, and (2)valuable U.S, work experience to enhance the student’s post graduation career opportunities.

HTIR invites international consulting agencies to partner with us in locating qualified Master degree candidates who seek both a degree and simultaneous employment in the U.S. Each quarter,

HTIR will keep agent advised of the various schools which are, at that time, accepting work-study applicants for up-coming semesters. HTIR arranges, and guarantees, handsome commissions and bonuses for our agents who recruit students who enroll in any of the work-study schools with whom we are associated.

To read more, go to To become an agency partner, e-mail Dr. J. Fred Brandenfels at  or by phone at 541 345 1734.