The Knox School

Welcome to The Knox School! Our Latin motto, Semper ad Lucem – “always toward the light” – reminds our student body, faculty and administration to always strive for greatness in their academic, artistic, athletic and personal pursuits. Students join us as malleable middle schoolers, and graduate as proud seniors who have developed their passions for that which inspires them, and the ability to think independently, both of which are direct results of a Knox education. Our small faculty-to-student ratio gives students the unique opportunity to receive nurturing and mentoring; students lead the charge toward success, and faculty and administration care for them and guide them. Knox is a special place. Knox is a family.

Knox graduates often share that the academic demands, coupled with an expectation to be self-directed, was challenging for them; at the same time, they recognize and appreciate that a Knox education prepared them for the requirements of college and the adult world beyond the safe haven of our campus. Knox alums believe that living and learning at their Home Beside the Shore gave them the confidence to believe in themselves and their abilities, and to aspire to achieve more than which they ever dreamed they were capable. Knox’s ideologies and long-standing traditions have transformed our students for more than 110 years. Our community is proud of the successes of our graduates and we know that they are making a difference all over the world.

The Knox School

The Knox School is located in the village of Nissequogue between the shores of Stony Brook Harbor and the Long Island Sound. Our serene environment allows our students to enjoy the outdoors while discovering their inner selves. On a beautiful day, you will see young people playing soccer or throwing a frisbee on one of our expansive lawns, watching our bees make honey in our apiaries or sitting on our waterfront finishing an assignment or enjoying a good book. Other days, students will board buses and leave campus for a day, perhaps to head into New York City for a show or shopping, or stay closer to campus and catch the latest movie at the local cinema.

If you would like to be a part of something special, explore our website, or even better, visit us at our Home beside the Shore to see our motto in action.


541 Long Beach Road

St. James NY 11780

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