Linden Educational Services United States Seeking Agents

Linden Educational Services United States Seeking Agents

Linden International Recruitment Tours

The Linden Experience

Linden is dedicated to providing accredited universities and boarding schools with the forward-thinking, strategic, and dynamic recruitment experience necessary to succeed in international markets. Our international tours and customizable city options are designed to save you budgetary dollars and weeks of planning by providing you with the best tools to bolster your enrollments in 82 countries and 212 cities. 

Each Linden Tour consists of four distinct events that expand your recruitment reach with the exact specifications you need:

Agent Networking Events:

One-to-one meetings, business lunch workshops, in-depth discussions, access to Linden’s online booking system before events – expand your institution’s reach with qualified and Linden-vetted Agents dedicated to recruiting international students.

Counselor Receptions and Events:

Linden prepares exclusive venues so you can focus on developing meaningful relationships with local high school counselors and facilitating direct relationships with Counselors who share your mission to help students receive the best university education possible.

Secondary School Visits:

Presentations at school auditoriums about your institution, mini-university fairs in gymnasiums, and most importantly direct disucssion time with students who genuinely wish to study abroad. 

University Fairs:

At every Linden University Fair, you receive contact information for ALL students who attend, not just those who visit your table. Linden also provides all tour members with comprehensive pre-registration lists in addition to the list of students present at each event you attend.

Linden will be happy to speak with you to discuss which tours, markets, and events best suit your recruitment goals and budget. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our upcoming tours. Likewise, we would be delighted to arrange a call with you and your team to discuss the unique advantages of the Linden recruitment experience.   


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