San Joaquin Memorial High School United States Seeks Education Agent Partnerships

For 75 years Memorial has provided a Catholic, college prep education to thousands in the Central Valley with the whole student in mind.

We have set ourselves apart by providing a safe and secure environment that is culturally and socio-economically diverse. Memorial provides the same academic and extra curricular activities as larger schools, but within a smaller and more inclusive community.  Small class sizes allow Memorial faculty and staff to truly know their students and to foster the unique family feeling on campus.  Even though Memorial is a college prep school with 99% graduates attending college each year, we hope to welcome and meet each student where they are academically and encourage their unique talents and gifts.

The Admissions Department is here to guide you through the application process and to assist you with the transition to our school. For immediate assistance or additional questions, please contact the Director of Admissions, Rainey Lewis, at or (559) 475-5837

Arcadia Campus Front View


Excelsior School is a private college prep school which has been in existence since 1986. Excelsior offers blended learning that combines traditional classroom methods with online digital media. Blended learning is more effective than both face-to-face and online education. Excelsior offers small group learning and individual attention to students. This kind of personalized instruction, which has been advocated by many education experts as being preferable for most children, is often lacking in large public and private schools. Excelsior’s mission is to prepare students not only for college, but also for life, so that our students can develop the skills necessary to succeed in our fast-changing, multi-cultural, technological world. We can provide condensed schedules and independent study for students in the entertainment field and for students with special needs. A number of very successful actors/entertainers have attended our school. Our alumni have attended many of the prominent colleges in California and other states, including UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount University, Occidental College, Pepperdine University, Fordham University, and Syracuse University., among others. Over the years we have acquired a diverse, well-qualified and highly experienced faculty, which is always willing to advance the growth of each student in an interdisciplinary manner. Since 1992, Excelsior School is authorized under Federal laws to enroll non-immigrant alien students.